Academic system

Grading Scale
Russian Grade  ECTS Grade Definition
Excellent (Отлично) A The student has showed deep comprehension of the subject/outstanding performance
Good (Хорошо) B, C The student showed good comprehension of the subject/demonstrated a very good or a good performance.
Satisfactory (Удовлетворительно) D, E The student showed adequate comprehension of the subject/ a satisfactory  performance but no more.
Non-satisfactory (Неудовлетворительно) FX, F The student failed to show sufficient comprehension. Students with non-satisfactory grade are permitted to sit the examination once again. No diploma is given to the student with a non-satisfactory grade in any of the subjects taken.
Pass/Fail (Зачет) No transfer from one grading scale to another No examination on the subject. The student has fully met the course requirements.