Preparatory Course

All candidates who have chosen a major delivered in Russian and have no written or spoken command of the language are advised to attend a 8-month Preparatory Course. 

The course starts in September  and  ends in May each year. To apply for a preparatory course a candidate is advised to send a video of his/her performance and a passport copy for a Russian visa invitation. 

In order to get a visa invitation on time, the deadline for applications for 2019/2020 academic year is May 31. In case visa is not required, the deadline for applications is September 1.

The Preparatory Course includes tutorials in main instrument or vocal and Russian language classes.  The number of hours in a course depends on the chosen degree. A piano accompanist for instrumental tutorials is provided without charge if required. 

Preparatory Course  - Bachelor's Degree  

Instrumental Arts
Vocal Arts

Cost of the course: 240 000 rubles

Preparatory Course  -  Master's Degree 

Instrumentsl Arts - Piano
Instrumental Arts - Strings, Brass, Woodwinds, Percussion
Vocal Arts

Cost of the course: 280 000 rubles

Rates are valid for 2019/2020 study year and the minimum number of candidates for any course is 3 persons.

Anna Efimova, International Cooperation Adviser