Preparatory Course

All candidates who have chosen a major delivered in Russian and have no written or spoken command of the language are advised to attend a 8-month Preparatory Course conducted by the Linguistic Centre of the Petrozavodsk State Glazunov Conservatoire. The course starts in October each year.

The Preparatory Course includes tutorials in Principal Instrument/Vocal and Russian language classes.  The number of hours in the course depends on the chosen degree.

Preparatory Course  - Bachelor's Degree and Specialist's Degree

640 hours of Russian language, 64 hours of Ear Training and Harmony/ Theory of Music, 96 hours of Principal Instrument/ Vocal

Cost of the course: 200 000 rubles

Preparatory Course  -  Master's Degree and Postgraduate Training Programs

768 hours of Russian language, 128 hours of Principal Instrument/ Vocal

Cost of the course: 235 000 rubles 

Rates are valid for 2017/2018 study year and the minimum number of candidates for any course is 3 persons.

Application form

Ms. Anna Efimova, International Students Counsellor  
Telephone: +7921 458 4787