55th anniversary of the Petrozavodsk Conservatoire

In 2022, the Petrozavodsk State Glazunov Conservatoire celebrates its 55th anniversary since the establishment of the conservatoire in 1967.

The Petrozavodsk State Glazunov Conservatoire was founded in 1967 as a branch of the oldest in Russia Saint-Petersburg (Leningrad) Conservatory. In 1991 the branch became an independent music institute with around 100 faculty members and 500 students. In 2003 it was named after the famous Russian composer and conductor, one of the directors of the Saint Petersburg Conservatory, Aleksander Glazunov who visited Karelia in the early 1900s and created several orchestral compositions devoted to the beauty of the northern area (Finnish Fantasy, 1909; Karelian Legend, 1916).

The year 2022 will be filled with many brilliant concerts, creative meetings, conferences and masterclasses by outstanding musicians!

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