ORGANO DUO Competition of Organ Duets

International competition of organ duets ORGANO DUO named after Vitalij A. Federmesser

The founders of the competition

The Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation

Petrozavodsk State Glazunov Conservatoire 

Location    Palace of Arts in Kondopoga or Petrozavodsk Conservatoire Concert Hall in Petrozavodsk, the Republic of Karelia

Artistic Director   Prof. Svetlana Sintsova 

Goals of the competition

  • Development of the traditions of a rare kind of organ ensemble performing and promoting organ music in its special - duet form
  • Finding of new talents and improvement of professional skills of young performers.

Regulations of the Competition

The competition is held in four categories. At the disposal of the contestants - the two organs of the Palace of Arts in Kondopoga or an Allen organ 

The entry fee is to be paid. Travel and accommodation is provided by the participants. 

The Organizing Committee provides an assistant if required. The contestants shall have the right to participate with their own assistants, in this case all costs and expenses of travel and stay of their assistants shall be covered by the contestants themselves or by the corresponding organizations.

All competition activities could be broadcast on social media and television, recorded for social media and television shows and photographed by the organizing committee and members of the press. Contestants do not have the rights and privileges of this material.

Category I

"Organ duets" – the participants are music schools’ and music colleges’ students

Category II

"Organ duets" – the participants are higher education music institutions’ students and post-graduate students

Category III

"Organ duets" – the participants are graduates of music schools, as well as representatives of the category II 

Category IV

"Organ Duets" ("Teacher and Student") - attended by representatives of the nominations I and II, as well as graduates of music schools and organ teachers at the primary, secondary and higher education with no age limit.

Program requirements

  • solo performance;
  • joint performance duet compositions for organ, 4 hands or two organs.

The duration of the program is up to 35 minutes.

Free choice of repertoire.

Transcription performance is available.

Performance of the notes is acceptable.

The order of the participants is determined by lot.

Competitive performances of the participants are in public.


Winners in each category will be awarded with diplomas of I, II and III degree with the title of "Winner of the III International competition organ duets ORGANO DUO in the name of Vitalij A. Federmesser" and diplomas with the title of "Winner of the III International competition organ duets ORGANO DUO in the name of Vitalij A. Federmesser."

Teachers who prepared the winners and students in the category I and II, are awarded with diplomas.

Jury of the Competition

The organizing committee forms a Jury of competent musicians - teachers and performers.

The jury has the right to:

to award diplomas and prizes;

to award diplomas for the best performance of the individual works and other awards;

not to award diplomas and awards in various categories.

The decisions of the jury are final and not a subject to revision.

Contact information

185031, Leningradskaja, 16, Petrozavodsk, the Republic of Karelia 

Petrozavodsk State Glazunov Conservatoire 

Prof. Svetlana Sintsova