Visa and registration instructions

These Rules are mandatory for all Conservatoire students who are subject to migration registration and who claim their visas through the Petrozavodsk State Glazunov Conservatoire. 

I. Russian Visa Invitation Letter

In order to draw an official invitation for entrance examinations and further studying or for a study exchange at the Conservatoire, an applicant who is a foreign citizen must submit the following documents:

  • an original or a copy of his/her degree certificate;
  • a notarized Russian translation of his/her degree certificate/diploma;
  • a filled-out application form indicating both the planned date of an arrival and an exact name of the city with a diplomatic mission or consular division of the Russian Federation where he/she is going to get a one-time entry visa;
  • a copy of his/her national passport whose term of validity is a minimum of two years after the date of the planned entry.

II. The Migration Registration Procedure

1. The documents for migration registration must be executed by the Conservatoire’s authorized person on the next business day upon arrival of a foreign citizen to Russia. He/she must bring the following original documents:

· the passport with a valid student visa executed under the Conservatoire’s invitation;

· the migration card with the stamp of a crossing-border checkpoint.

2. In case of a disease or another reasonable excuse when a foreign citizen is unable to come and draw the necessary documents in person, he/she must contact the Conservatoire’s authorized person by e-mail and to arrange the possible time period for his/her migration registration.

3. The tear-off part of the Notification on Arrival must be received from the Conservatoire’s authorized person within seven business days upon submission of the documents.

4. No migration registration procedures are carried out in an emergency situation:

in any force-majeure event, due to which a foreign citizen cannot leave the territory of Russia.

5. Authorized employees of the Conservatoire communicate with the local bodies of the Directorate of Russia’s Federal Migration Service with no personal presence of the student, except for cases when such presence is required by the officers of the Federal Migration Service.

6. The student must inform the Conservatoire’s authorized person in a timely manner about the dates of his/her departure from Petrozavodsk and of his/her intended return back to Petrozavodsk.

III. Claim for a Multi-entry Student Visa

1. In order to claim a multi-entry student visa, the student must appear at the Conservatoire upon request of its authorized employees but not later than twenty days before his/her valid student visa is expired. He/she must bring the originals of the following documents:

  • the passport with a valid student visa executed under the Conservatoire’s invitation;
  • the migration card with the stamp of a crossing-border checkpoint;
  • the stamped tear-off part of the Notification on Arrival (primary registration);
  • one photo sized 3 x 4 cm;
  • a medical insurance certificate valid in the territory of Russia;
  • a certificate on the absence of HIV issued not earlier than 12 months before the date of visa application.

2. A multi-entry student visa will be executed upon submission of the following documents:

  • original Conservatoire Student’s Contract signed by both parties;
  • receipt on the tuition payment under the Conservatory Student’s Contract;
  • receipt on the payment of a state fee for the execution of a visa (in the amount determined by Russia’s Government).

3. The visa will be ready within a maximum of twenty days upon submission of the student’s documents to the bodies of the Directorate of Russia’s Federal Migration Service by the Conservatoire’s authorized person.

4. The student must not leave the territory of Russia during a period of waiting for his/her visa.

IV. Special Cases 

1. In case of a loss of any documents — including a passport, an ID, a migration card, the stamped tear-off part of the notification on arrival or a visa, — the student must immediately notify both the nearest police office of Russia’s Ministry of Interior Affairs and the Conservatoire’s authorized person about the loss and wait for further instructions of the officers.

2. In case a foreign citizen terminates his/her studies at the conservatoire prematurely, his/her multi-entry visa shall be annulled and a transit visa shall be drawn instead.

V. Sanctions

Any violation of these Rules committed under Article 18.8 “On the Violation by a Foreign or Stateless Citizen of either the Rules for Entering the Russian Federation or the Regiment of Staying (Residing) in the Russian Federation” of the Code for Administrative Offences of the Russian Federation in the form of either an inconformity of the declared purpose of entering the Russian Federation with the activities or occupation being actually carried out during the period of staying (residing) in the Russian Federation, as well as any violation of the rules of either migration registration or travelling within the territory of the Russian Federation or of the procedure for choosing a place of residence in the Russian Federation, shall cause an imposition of an administrative penalty in the amount from five thousand to seven thousand rubles, to be followed by an administrative expulsion outside the territory of the Russian Federation.

The said Rules and Regulations have been developed in accordance with Federal Law No. 203-FZ of the Russian Federation dated 23 July 2013 (in the version as of 28 December 2013) “On the Introduction of Amendments to the Federal Law ‘On the Legal Status of Foreign Citizens in the Russian Federation’ and to Certain Legal Acts of the Russian Federation in order to Create Additional Favorable Conditions for Foreign and Stateless Citizens to Study in the Russian Federation,” as well as with Order No. 430 of the Federal Migration Service of the Russian Federation dated 30 October 2013 “On the Approval of the Administrative Regulations of the Federal Migration Service of the Russian Federation with regard to the Rendering of a Service on Drawing, Issuing, Prolonging and Recovering Visas for Foreign and Stateless Citizens.”

Viktoriya Yanis
Authorized person to deal with the Federal Migration Service of the Russian Federation on visa issues
Room 101, 1st floor, Leningradskaya st., 16, Petrozavodsk State Glazunov Conservatoire