Concerts & masterclasses in China

Professors and students from Petrozavodsk gave the number of concerts and masterclasses in Shanghai, Nanchan and Ichun cities in China in order to present the educational services and facilities of Petrozavodsk Conservatory to prospective students. The team of Petrozavodsk Conservatory teachers also gave entrance exams to those students who applied to the conservatory in 2013. The examinations included vocal, piano, violin, accordion and brass auditions and were conducted by Viktor Portnoy (piano), Viktor Abramov (piano), Liudmila Fridburg (piano), Alexey Chugaev (accordion), Victoria Gladchenko (vocal) and others professors from Petrozavodsk. As per the latest agreement with the Shanghai Normal University management the number of masterclasses will be held in Petrozavodsk in October 2013 for prospective students from China who will be selected based on submitted applications.