ETHNO Estonia 2014

NPO Fenno-Ugria awards four scholarships for Finno-Ugric folk musicians from Russia for participating in the annual music camp ETHNO Estonia from July 15th through July 27th.

ETHNO Estonia is a music camp for young people where they can learn about folk music from Estonia and other countries. This happens through playing and sharing music together in a creative environment. 

The age limit for participants is 16-30 years. 

This year participants must have a musical instrument with them, and also a chromatic instrument.

The Related Nations of Estonia project compensates travel expenses from St.Petersburg or Pskov to the camp and back, accomodation and board, and also accomodation and participation in the folk-festival in Viljandi.

Musicians are to provide the following information:

1.    name, surname;

2.    telephone number;

3.    e-mail;

4.    nationality, knowledge of foreign languages;

5.    place of study or place of work;

6.    foreign passport available;

7.    Schengen visa available;

8.    a musical instrument that you can take with you;

9.    a motivational letter on why you want to participate, a brief description of your musical activity;

10.  songs from your repertoire in the form of music files or video clips in the Internet (if possible).

Applications for participation are admitted until May 31, 2014 and are to be sent by e-mail to

Additional information: +372-644-5119,

Information on the FennoUgria website:

Information on the website: